Just Getting Started … So, What is Eco-Fashion Anyway?

Hello and welcome to the Eco-Fashion Philosopher, a place to discuss the bizarre, unique and fun side of eco-fashion. I named my company Faerie’s Dance as a reminder to frolic a little, to be a joyous environmentalist. No doom and gloom, just clever ways to find a sustainable path to the future – especially if the path is lined with bamboo dresses and organic lace bras. 😉

Of course, there is a serious side to eco-fashion. Over the next few months, I plan to get into some specific details on questions I’ve received about dyes, manufacturing processes, fair trade standards and much more. Most importantly, though, I hope to learn something new, share ideas, and have a little fun.

Not knowing exactly who my audience is quite yet, however, I thought I’d start by answering the obvious question.

What exactly is Eco-Fashion?
Eco-Fashion is the term used for clothing whose production is cleaner and less damaging to our soil and water systems than conventional clothing, and whose manufacturing ensures healthy, stable jobs for the workers that create them. It’s Earth-Friendly clothing that makes a positive impact on people as well.

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Written By Adrienne