Results of our Anniversary Giveaway

Wow! There was an awesome response to our 4th Anniversary Giveaway Newsletter. (If you’re not on’s e-mail newsletter list, you can sign up at the very bottom of any page on to learn about great new products and receive special discounts and promotions.)

We gave away 4 sets of 4 gifts based on the order total. The $50 order gifts (recycled coffee grinds stenographer notebooks) were the first in the mail as all four qualifying orders came in Saturday, the same day the newsletter was sent. The $200 order gifts (bamboo tees) were just a few hours behind, also on Saturday. By Monday, we’d shipped all of the $100 order gifts (clay-dyed tee bags). It took until Thursday, almost at the end of our one-week special period to finally give away the the Under $50 order gifts (clay-dyed hair scrunchies).

We hope you found the giveaway as much fun as we did. Here is a quick list of our 4 biggest “winners”. The Bamboo Tee Giveaway recipients were:

1. Rachel I. from New Jersey
(order placed 2:33 pm PT)
2. Ingrid S. from Connecticut
(order placed 6:18)
3. Mylène P. from Canada
(order placed 7:21)
4. Rebecca R. from New York
(order placed 7:40)

Thank you all. We’re already coming up with some fun ideas for August.

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Written By Adrienne