Last Chance Item: Underwire Soft Cup Bra

APRIL UPDATE:  Ecoland got so much feedback on this that they’ve changed their mind on the new development.  They are now remaking the original padding-free underwire bra, but they are using a thicker material to minimize see through issues in cold weather.  We still have some limited stock in this version and the updated version with thicker fabric should be available in late summer 2010.

We just placed a restock order for the Ecoland Underwire Soft Cup Bra.  They weren’t able to fill our complete order and let us know that this particular version of this bra is being phased out.  Apparently, a new version with padding is in work.

While that should excite quite a lot of people who’ve been asking for padded bras, I fear a few of you will be disappointed in the loss of this simple, unpadded bra that we’ve been carrying for 3 or 4 years now.  At the moment we have pretty good stock in all sizes, but this is a quick seller.  So if it’s one of your favorites, definitely pick some up soon.

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Written By Adrienne

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