Ecoland Prices Going Up – Stock Up In March

We pride ourselves on offering our items below Manufacturer’s Suggest Retail Price (MSRP).  While it means a little less profit on our part, we believe offering organic and eco-friendly clothing as inexpensively as possible will open the market up to a wider audience.  In the past, we have specifically not worked with manufacturers who do not allow us to price items accordingly.

We’ve just heard from Ecoland that they are getting complaints from other companies that our prices are too low and they cannot compete with us.  (Isn’t that what competition is about, really?)  We briefly considered dropping Ecoland from our line, but so many of our customers absolutely love the Wireless Soft Cup Bra (a top 10 best seller for almost 2 years now), that seemed an excessive response.  The Ecoland team was also very nice and somewhat apologetic in their request that we charge MSRP.  Obviously they are getting pressure from their customers, and like us, are just trying to keep their regular customers happy.  I’d truly hate to see them go out of business!  So, we have decided to go along with their request and change our prices on all Ecoland items to MSRP, which is about 10% more than we currently charge.

However, in the interest of keeping our own customers happy, we’re holding prices steady through March 31.  So now is definitely the time to stock up on all your Ecoland favorites as all prices will be going up on April 1.  We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

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Written By Adrienne