If you could choose a Superpower to help the planet, what would it be?

Be an Eco-Superhero!
Choose your own eco-Superpower and win a shopping spree.

Faerie’s Dance occasionally lists products on WorldofGood.com, an eBay company, when we’re clearing out leftovers or just trying to get our name out.  We just saw their new Eco-Superhero contest and thought it was too much fun not to pass along. 

Here’s the gist, hit the Eco-Superhero contest link and tell the world what eco-superpower you’d like to have and how you would use it to do good and help the planet.  The top five entries will win a $250 gift certificate to WorldofGood.com.  The deadline for entries is May 5, 2010.

This sounds like so much fun, I personally will be entering.  (I already have my superpower in mind, although there are several good superpowers I’d really like to choose from…LOL)  I can’t wait to see the creative responses from eco-conscious folks.

Happy Heroing!

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Written By Adrienne