Last Chance Item: Tranquil Lounge Pants

We’re down to just a few colors and sizes in the Tranquil Lounge Pants which have been a consistent seller for almost 4 years.  Bgreen discontinued these lounge pants last year and we bought a bunch to carry us over.   Less than a dozen left now, and small is already sold out.

We have the adorable Organic Birch PJ Set and the Organic Raindrops PJ Set, but alas the price on those has gone way up.  Our price is currently $50.  Bgreen’s price has gone up to $68 due to the increasing cost of organically grown cotton and we’ll have to raise our prices on the next restock.  So if you like either of these bgreen items, pick them up now while the Tranquil Lounge Pants are still around and the Organic PJ Sets are still inexpensive.

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Written By Adrienne