The End of Bgreen or Where Have All the Organic Panties Gone?

In the last few years, we have continued to lose best-selling panty styles.  First the cheeky Eat Organic bikini creators moved on to other ventures.  Then the whole line of PantyBoo bamboo underwear was discontinued.  Perfectly Imperfect, with their adorable lace-trimmed organic cotton panties and cross-your-heart thongs, went out of business.  Ecoland got mired in manufacturing issues and has not re-made their very popular hipster 2-pack in over a year.  The Love Nature Alba Bikini gave way to the more expensive ribbed version.  And finally, we’ve just lost our bgreen account.

After we’d been a wholesale client with bgreen for about 4 years, they decided to start selling retail.  Sadly, a few years on and they’ve now decided they can earn more money and better control pricing along with how their brand is portrayed by ONLY selling retail.  And alas, we can no longer restock any of their products including our #1 bestselling item in the entire store for the last 3 years running – the organic cotton Classic Bikini. 

As a quick side note, I have a lot of respect for bgreen.  They’re a vertically-integrated, eco-manufacturer working entirely in the USA and that’s really commendable.  However, one of the reasons they have a solid brand that they are concerned about maintaining a good reputation for, is that small businesses like mine have been selling and promoting their products and brand for many years.  So being cut out as it were, is very disheartening.

Over the course of the last 7 years, we’ve brought in a whopping 105 different styles of women’s panties. 37 are already permanently gone and 27 of the ones we’re still offering cannot be restocked.  And while my Things To Do List is already quite full, I’ve decided to make designing and launching our own organic panty line a priority.  I’m looking into branding it with a different name, (because I don’t think when we get to men’s underwear many of them will want to wear boxers labeled “Faerie’s Dance”… 🙂 and am hoping to launch the first couple of styles before the holidays if everything goes smoothly.

It will likely take more than a little while to bring in all the styles, fabrics and designs I’ve got in mind.  But the patterns and specs for the first two panties are complete and fabric samples are now rolling in. Thank you all for your continued patronage.  I hope you’ll love the new panties and look forward to getting started on this new venture.

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Written By Adrienne

4 Comments on “The End of Bgreen or Where Have All the Organic Panties Gone?

  1. Liz

    August 10, 2013 at 7:18

    Oh yes! I think that is an excellent solution, can't wait to see (and buy) the results!

  2. Liz

    August 10, 2013 at 7:18

    Oh yes! I think that is an excellent solution, can't wait to see (and buy) the results!

  3. Lena

    September 25, 2013 at 5:33

    That is a good idea, I look forward to you panty designs. I was wondering though, have you considered the Clean Undies brand from Canada? My work place used to carry them and so I have some of their undies and I must say they are incredibly comfy and soft.

  4. Faerie's Dance

    September 25, 2013 at 3:38

    Hi Lena,
    Yes, we have looked into Clean Undies – they even have a lovely bra option. However, their prices are really high. All of the panties retail for more than $20 each and the bra was more than $70. Between Cottonique and Blue Canoe, we've got both the latex-free and expensive areas covered. 🙂 Bgreen and some of the other discontinued brands were able to offer a much less expensive option. It looks like our first panties will be around $12 each, which is just the right price, I believe.

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