Last Chance Item: Is Love Nature Organic Lingerie Gone?

I’ve been talking so much about the Love Nature Announcement, that I apparently forgot to announce it formally myself.  So… here’s it is.  In October I was told, “I am very sad to inform you that the production of LOVE NATURE has been blocked at the moment. We are reorganizing the concept of this line so we are taking some time how to proceed.”

We were able to get in one last order/restock in November and literally purchased every last organic bra they had.  Since then, I’ve e-mailed several different people a few times, but have yet to hear back on whether they will continue the line or simply let it go.  We have also been trying to determine if they would do a large production run just for  So far that seems unlikely, though I haven’t given up entirely. 
If you’re just hearing about this and you have an absolute favorite Love Nature item, don’t wait too long to get it.  We have some sizes and colors in abundance while others are already sold out.  For example, we have 27 Alba Padded Underwire Bras size 34B in Celestial Blue, but 0 in Almond.
We really hope to have this beloved line back in 2015.  We’ll see.
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Written By Adrienne