Pants to Poverty Organic Underwear Line is Back (And Literally Better Than Ever)!

If you’ve followed us for any length of time, you’ll know that we almost never put intimates on sale.  So this a fantastic opportunity to stock up and score a win for organic, fair trade underwear.
organic panty sale
Why are we doing it?  Well, for the last few months, Pants to Poverty, one of our all-time favorite organic panty manufacturers, hasn’t been responding to my inquiries.  Combined with the fact that most of their UK-based website items were on clearance, I figured they’d gone the way of Perfectly Imperfect, Ciel and Love Nature and were out of business.
Then last week, I got a call from Ben Ramsden himself, Pants to Poverty’s founder.  They’ve been in India working directly with their farmers and developing a new “3-dimensional accounting model.”  This 3D accounting model tracks the profit and loss of the business not just in financial terms, but also in social and environmental terms.  We’d already spotlighted Pants to Poverty in our Fair-Trade Fashion Round Up as a leader in the Fair Trade Fashion movement.  Now this revolutionary accounting idea has propelled them to nomination for 2014’s Global Leadership Award in Sustainable Apparel, which is a pretty BIG deal for a small company.
In order to implement this new 3D accounting model, they’re streamlining their offerings quite a bit.  They’ve come out with a series of their most popular styles in 4 consistent colors across both their men’s and women’s line.  They’ve also up-sized the women’s panties, stating that customer feedback has suggested they were sized too small compared with conventional brands.
I’m truly thrilled to bring in these new undies.  Along with the organic panties we’re currently manufacturing, our customers will soon have a wider selection and awesome choices of styles and colors.
To facilitate going hog wild on this new order, we need a little working capital.  Hence putting the entire (now mostly discontinued) current line of Pants to Poverty Undies on sale for the next 3 weeks – from Earth Day to World Fair Trade day, you can get 15% off everything we have left.  Just use coupon code Pants at checkout.
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Written By Adrienne

3 Comments on “Pants to Poverty Organic Underwear Line is Back (And Literally Better Than Ever)!

  1. Anonymous

    April 22, 2014 at 6:12

    I am an older woman and like women's underpants that come to my waist. It doesn't look like any pants for women in the Pants to Poverty line would do that! Too bad!

  2. Anonymous

    April 23, 2014 at 1:49

    I also am an older woman, I don't show my belly button to strangers when I go outside, so I wear pants and skirts that come up to my waist. I like to have organic underpants that also come to my waist, otherwise they feel like they are falling down.

  3. Faerie's Dance

    April 23, 2014 at 3:17

    Hi Ladies,

    This particular line is a bit younger, however one of these other styles we carry that may suit you better.

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