Last Chance Item: Xylem Organic Cotton Sports Bra

Organic Cotton Sports Bra
The Xylem Sports Bra in Organic Cotton is being discontinued.

Over the years we’ve had a number of natural fiber sports bras.  I wrote about running my first half marathon in the Bamboo Sports Bra (shown below) back in 2011.  I still use that bra in my workouts today.  However, the Xylem Sports Bra (shown left) is the first organic cotton sports bra we’ve had that has enough support to stand completely on its own.  There’s no need to double up with a shelf-bra tank or anything else.  The fabric is thick and supportive, and at 92% Organic Cotton with just 8% spandex, it’s high on the eco-friendly scale.  It has sold so well that many customers have found a size or color sold out at least once.

So you can imagine my dismay when Xylem told me they had decided to discontinue this style.  What(!)  Turns out they are experimenting with a bamboo version that they’d like to try out. We’ve also got a recycled sports bra coming this summer for those who prefer the more traditional polyester in their sportswear, but still want something eco-friendly.  But if you prefer organic cotton to other fabrics, and you really want support, the Xylem Sports Bra is the one.  We just got in the last 53 pieces yesterday.  (While that might sound like a lot, it averages to a little over a dozen per size.)  If this is a favorite for you, get them while they’re still available.

Bamboo sports Bra
The Bamboo Sports Bra has been a staple in our store for 8 years.

For those of you who have been wanting a sports bra for larger breast sizes, have no fear… we’ve been working with Swegmark of Sweden and hope to have an option for you near the end of summer.

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Pants to Poverty Organic Underwear Line is Back (And Literally Better Than Ever)!

If you’ve followed us for any length of time, you’ll know that we almost never put intimates on sale.  So this a fantastic opportunity to stock up and score a win for organic, fair trade underwear.
organic panty sale
Why are we doing it?  Well, for the last few months, Pants to Poverty, one of our all-time favorite organic panty manufacturers, hasn’t been responding to my inquiries.  Combined with the fact that most of their UK-based website items were on clearance, I figured they’d gone the way of Perfectly Imperfect, Ciel and Love Nature and were out of business.
Then last week, I got a call from Ben Ramsden himself, Pants to Poverty’s founder.  They’ve been in India working directly with their farmers and developing a new “3-dimensional accounting model.”  This 3D accounting model tracks the profit and loss of the business not just in financial terms, but also in social and environmental terms.  We’d already spotlighted Pants to Poverty in our Fair-Trade Fashion Round Up as a leader in the Fair Trade Fashion movement.  Now this revolutionary accounting idea has propelled them to nomination for 2014’s Global Leadership Award in Sustainable Apparel, which is a pretty BIG deal for a small company.
In order to implement this new 3D accounting model, they’re streamlining their offerings quite a bit.  They’ve come out with a series of their most popular styles in 4 consistent colors across both their men’s and women’s line.  They’ve also up-sized the women’s panties, stating that customer feedback has suggested they were sized too small compared with conventional brands.
I’m truly thrilled to bring in these new undies.  Along with the organic panties we’re currently manufacturing, our customers will soon have a wider selection and awesome choices of styles and colors.
To facilitate going hog wild on this new order, we need a little working capital.  Hence putting the entire (now mostly discontinued) current line of Pants to Poverty Undies on sale for the next 3 weeks – from Earth Day to World Fair Trade day, you can get 15% off everything we have left.  Just use coupon code Pants at checkout.
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Last Chance Item: Is Love Nature Organic Lingerie Gone?

I’ve been talking so much about the Love Nature Announcement, that I apparently forgot to announce it formally myself.  So… here’s it is.  In October I was told, “I am very sad to inform you that the production of LOVE NATURE has been blocked at the moment. We are reorganizing the concept of this line so we are taking some time how to proceed.”

We were able to get in one last order/restock in November and literally purchased every last organic bra they had.  Since then, I’ve e-mailed several different people a few times, but have yet to hear back on whether they will continue the line or simply let it go.  We have also been trying to determine if they would do a large production run just for  So far that seems unlikely, though I haven’t given up entirely. 
If you’re just hearing about this and you have an absolute favorite Love Nature item, don’t wait too long to get it.  We have some sizes and colors in abundance while others are already sold out.  For example, we have 27 Alba Padded Underwire Bras size 34B in Celestial Blue, but 0 in Almond.
We really hope to have this beloved line back in 2015.  We’ll see.
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Last Chance Item: Sixties Bra Line

With the launch of the Sublime Line, Peau-Ethique has had to discontinue one of their other lines.  Sadly, the Sixties bras and panties will be going – both the underwire and no wire versions.  We restocked as many sizes as we could from their remaining inventory, so we have a pretty healthy stock at the moment.  But if this has been on your wish list for a while or it’s your favorite bra that you’ve been meaning to come back to, now is definitely the time to get them.

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Last Chance Item: Tranquil Lounge Pants

We’re down to just a few colors and sizes in the Tranquil Lounge Pants which have been a consistent seller for almost 4 years.  Bgreen discontinued these lounge pants last year and we bought a bunch to carry us over.   Less than a dozen left now, and small is already sold out.

We have the adorable Organic Birch PJ Set and the Organic Raindrops PJ Set, but alas the price on those has gone way up.  Our price is currently $50.  Bgreen’s price has gone up to $68 due to the increasing cost of organically grown cotton and we’ll have to raise our prices on the next restock.  So if you like either of these bgreen items, pick them up now while the Tranquil Lounge Pants are still around and the Organic PJ Sets are still inexpensive.

All the best,

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Earth Creations Boxy Cut Hemp/Organic Cotton Scoop Neck – Something you want?

For a very limited time, Earth Creations is taking special orders from retailers to re-cut the original boxy Scoop Neck tee that was discontinued back in 2009.  Personally, I loved this cut.  (I’m a boxy sort of gal.)  While they always sold well, the new more fitted Better Than Before (BTB) scoop necks also sell well. 
So, I’m asking you our friends and followers, would you like to see the boxy scoop back?  Do you see yourself purchasing one of these in the future?
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Last Chance Item: Underwire Soft Cup Bra

APRIL UPDATE:  Ecoland got so much feedback on this that they’ve changed their mind on the new development.  They are now remaking the original padding-free underwire bra, but they are using a thicker material to minimize see through issues in cold weather.  We still have some limited stock in this version and the updated version with thicker fabric should be available in late summer 2010.

We just placed a restock order for the Ecoland Underwire Soft Cup Bra.  They weren’t able to fill our complete order and let us know that this particular version of this bra is being phased out.  Apparently, a new version with padding is in work.

While that should excite quite a lot of people who’ve been asking for padded bras, I fear a few of you will be disappointed in the loss of this simple, unpadded bra that we’ve been carrying for 3 or 4 years now.  At the moment we have pretty good stock in all sizes, but this is a quick seller.  So if it’s one of your favorites, definitely pick some up soon.

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Last Chance Item: Earth Creations Boxy-Cut Clay-Dyed Scoop Neck Tops

For years the Earth Creations Scoop Neck tops have been staples at  The boxy cut and flowing design that covers the (often problem) tummy area are cute and flattering.  Earth Creations has redesigned these shirts to be a bit longer and tapered for a more fitted look.  They’re calling the new cut the “Better Than Before” Scoop Necks, and while they are quite nice, we’re sure at least a few clients will mourn the loss of the original, boxy look. 

We currently have good stock left in almost all sizes of the original 5 scoop neck designs.  However we were restocking them regularly, and what we have in stock now is the last of them.  Stop by to pick up any you don’t have yet or give them a try before they’re gone forever.

The new BTB scoops will be available in the spring.

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Last Chance Item: Eat Organic Bikinis

We’ve been e-mailed a few times after something has gone out of stock from disappointed customers who had an item on their wishlist.  So I’ve decided to add this “Last Chance Item” post as a permanent feature to the blog when very popular items start running low.  First up are the Eat Organic Bikinis.

These adorable organic cotton hipster panties have been a popular staple at for the last 3 years.  Unfortunately, they were manufactured through HTNaturals, who closed their apparel division this summer.  As of this morning we have decent stock left in size Medium, but only 2 Small left, both in Cherry and 2 Large left, both in Kiwi.  Once the few Smalls and Larges go, we will also have to start substituting them out of the Bikini Sampler Gift Set.  So if that’s been on your wish list for a while, now’s the time to get it.  These panties make amusing gifts for the winter holidays, Valentine’s day and wedding showers, too.

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