Earth Creations Boxy Cut Hemp/Organic Cotton Scoop Neck – Something you want?

For a very limited time, Earth Creations is taking special orders from retailers to re-cut the original boxy Scoop Neck tee that was discontinued back in 2009.  Personally, I loved this cut.  (I’m a boxy sort of gal.)  While they always sold well, the new more fitted Better Than Before (BTB) scoop necks also sell well. 
So, I’m asking you our friends and followers, would you like to see the boxy scoop back?  Do you see yourself purchasing one of these in the future?
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March Give-a-Way: Smart Glass Recycled Bottle Necklace

We’re pleased to announce our newest vendor, Smart Glass Jewelry.  Smart Glass offers classic and contemporary jewelry pieces made from cut and polished glass rings from drinking bottles.  The artist, Kathleen Plate, individually hand makes each piece right here in the US.  She uses bottles from Champagne, wine, beer, vodka, sake and even Coke©.  The pieces are all unique as there are slight variations from bottle to bottle and cut to cut.

You’ll find 7 distinctive designs in the Jewelry Section under the Artisan Collection at  Our list prices are between 15% – 20% off MSRP, so you can try these wonderful pieces at a discount.

We’re kicking off this new line by giving away a Recycled Bottle Circle Necklace in Cobalt, which the manufacturer graciously sponsored.  The give-a-way necklace has the same circle design shown in the top photo, but is hanging on their thinner, single-attachment sterling silver chain (like the picture to the right).

TO ENTER: Leave on comment on this blog post by midnight March 31, 2010. You must include an e-mail address or phone number so we can contact you.  Drawing will be held Friday, April 2.

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Coffee Clothing… Almost

A while back I had heard that there was a new process of making fabric from spent coffee grinds.  The fabric was purportedly mixed with recycled PET to make “coffee polyester”.  I was so excited by this idea (being a coffee addict lover myself), that I’ve been on the lookout for coffee clothing ever since.

At the Go Green Expo, I finally found coffee nirvana.  I saw shirts made from 100% coffee polyester that honestly didn’t feel all that good, but were adorably cute with coffee beans printed on them, and nice fashion pieces that were 60% coffee polyester, 40% tencel that actually looked and felt good.  The prices were reasonable and I was all set to go!

I sat down with the manufacturer to talk process.  Exactly how is coffee polyester created (and why do the t-shirts feel like 1970’s polyester suits)?  It turns out that recycled PET is combined with… here it comes… 2% coffee grinds and then respun into yarn.  So “coffee polyester” is actually 98% polyester with a sprinkle of coffee.  I was looking for a double espresso and instead got a Grande latte with 1/2 shot.  So those nice 60% coffee polyester, 40% tencel shirts actually contained just 1.2% coffee.

The process is fairly clean and dyed with low-impact dyes.  Since all the polyester is recycled it’s not a bad choice environmentally.  But would anyone actually want one?  What’s your opinion?  Is a little coffee better than no coffee?  Please leave a comment or answer our poll on the top right sidebar to share your opinion.

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