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Organic cotton dress
At a wedding wearing an organic cotton dress.

Hello and welcome to the Eco-Fashion Philosopher, a place to discuss the bizarre, unique and fun side of eco-fashion. My company, Faerie’s Dance, was named to remind us all to frolic a little, to be joyous environmentalists; to recognize the need for sustainability and ethics in consumerism without focusing only on the negative to our personal detriment. Together, we can find clever ways to find a sustainable path to the future – especially if the path is lined with luscious bamboo dresses and organic cotton bras. 😀

Since 2009, I’ve used this blog primarily to answer questions my company has received about dyes, manufacturing processes, fair trade standards, allergens in clothing, and other sustainability questions. We’ve had contests, events, and the occasional peek into my personal life as a runner, a traveler, an environmentalist and an animal lover. But on the whole, the environmental and educational side, the “eco” side (if you will), of eco-fashion has been the focus of the blog.

Ten years in and I realize that the fun, style and beauty of eco-fashion hasn’t been addressed nearly as much as questions about sustainability and ethics in the industry. So for our 10 year anniversary, I’ll be recycling some of our older posts, updating the information and adding to them to ensure the information is current and usable. However, our new posts for 2019 will focus more on the fun “fashion” side of eco-fashion. Look for posts on how to accessorize your favorite outfit (with natural and/or recycled jewelry of course), or which basics to stock to make a great wardrobe with surprisingly few pieces.

My name is Adrienne, and I’m the CEO and founder of FaeriesDance.com. I hope you’ll join me on our journey.

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